Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good Day

Yesterday completley caught me off gaurd, atleast the way the day went about. I woke up yesterday morning knowing that I might see her, but I wasn't making a big deal out of it because there was that possibility that I wouldn't. As 11 a.m. was nearing I started to give up on seeing her and started to plan out what I would do that day. But to my suprise I recieved that text saying she was getting home and "getting ready to leave." Boy can this woman take her time getting ready. Noon was nearing and she still had not text me that she was on her way, but than 15 mins later I received the text that she was on her way. I was a little disappointed that most likely an hour is all the time I would get with her but I couldn't complaint, it was more than I got last week.

She arrived and I made her-her usual, a grilled cheese. We watched her favorite afternoon shows, honestly I kind of like them but I don't let her know that (lol). But for that one hour I felt like I was where I always wanted to be, her and I all alone. Inside me I was praying and hoping that she called out of work or atleast called to go in late. I guess it's true God does listen, because as that hour past, and as 2:15 approached, she suprised me with her calling in late to work. That wasn't the best part-the best part was what she said when I asked why, "because I want to spend more time with you." No one knows just how much joy was running through me when I heard that. I know I gave it away because I asked her "why?" three times just so I can hear her say that again and again.

We ended up spending the whole day together and even did laundry. Like a friend said "we're going to do laundry just like old times" and believe it or not the whole day felt like the old times. It was one of those days where we just wanted to spend the whole day together. And I enjoyed every mintue of it. Later that night we just went to the movies. I know it was random but it was good. She than drove half way home, I would've let her drive home but we were in a hurry. She impressed me with her driving.

That was how day unfolded and I enjoyed it. But the fact that we spent the whole day together wasn't what made me the happiest, it was the fact that at times through out the day I was reffered to as "babe". Yea I know she accidently said it, but I see that she wants to say it but is just being stuburn or trying to take things slow or scared. Probably scared of commitment again and that her heart will be broken again, but that is that last thing I would ever do. To go along with that she also said the 3 worded phrase, "I Love You." Yea it's been said before but the fact that she said it first made me happy. I guess I just have to wait until that day where she just opens up. I hope it's sooner than later because I miss those old days.

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