Friday, November 28, 2008


To be honest I have never been this nervous. If feels like it's the first time I'm asking a girl out on a date. My heart is beating faster and faster with every second to the point that it's scarying me. My hands are feeling cold as if I had dipped them in a bucket of iced cold water. The feel as if I'm about to give a speech with millions of people watching, but am not sure what to say. I feel chills through my bones as im awaiting the green light to begin my night. So I breathe, inhale and exhale, trying to get myself together. Time keeps ticking and my nerves keep on racing. I can't take it anymore for waiting for this one message is taking an eternity. Every minute that passes feels likes an hour has gone by. I small talk with others, at home and online, to try and make the time go by quicker but with little success.
I can't stand the wait any longer so I get up to leave, but before I do I make one quick prayer. One prayer of hopes that life and everything can go to the way is was 5 months ago. During this time everything was smooth sailing, and I had no complaints. Yes I know others did have complaints but I would've approached many situations differently and made the present better. I would pray for the old times so I can see just how bright days were. Time's ticking and I end it with a Thank you, because even though days are gloomy now I can see sunlight in the near future.
Time is ticking. Still no message. What to do? What to do? What to do?
I get ready, stand up and start my quest for what is rightfully mine.
Let's just hope this ending is as good as the one in movies.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

Yes I know this is the day where people just meet up with many of their loved ones and just stuff their face with food. And their isn't any problem with that at all. Who has a problem with food? Definetly not me, but many of us take advantage of what is in front of us. We don't know just how important some people are to us in our life, but we realize it when they're gone. Some people don't realize just how lucky they are to have certain people at times with the people they see on a regular basis. Drop the fueds and hatred and just thank all those around you, because you never know when things change. So I thank my parents for raising me to half the man I am today and my friends for the other half. Enjoy guys and EAT!


Well my little brother recieved a gecco looking animal from his teacher, yea I know how odd. Since when does a 4th Grade teacher give a pet away, to a 9yr old student, especially an small lizard. Seriously since when? Because if that was the case I would've done better in class and hoped to have gotten the little hamster that I always wanted. But regardless of the fact that it's an ackward gift given to a student, my little brother enjoys this little pet and it's only been one day. And I was just informed that he received this pet lizard from his science teacher for winning a raffle, I guess not it's supposed to make sence. We're still haven't given this pet a name. I would've name this little gecco looking creature...ok so I don't have a name at the moment but I'm bound to come up with something sooner or later.

Just found out that the name of this animal is an "Anole" and is often mistaken as an American Chameleon.

Peace Out Everybody!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Paid For This Room!

Ok so I paid a visit to a small Hotel not too long ago. Yay Me! Ok so you're probably thinking, "This guy is not going to brag about the f*ckfest he had in that night, all over this blog", and you're right I'm not! What I am going to share with you, my fellow readers, is just the great service I received that night.
So we walk in and ask for prices. To start off I honestly don't know why I bothered asking, because I already had the prices in my head. So Mr. Osama Bin Laden Jr. over the counter tells me prices. So I'm there waiting until this man points out the price of a room with one of those fancy tubs that bubble, I believe someone named that machine a "jacuzzi", but he doesn't. For some reason I felt offended I didn't let it be known but I asked, "How about a room with a "jacuzzi?" He tells me the price blah blah. Why wasn't I told the price from the get-go? Is it because I'm not white? Is this a racial thing? Did this terrorist looking mofo think I couldn't afford it? Well I could! To calm the suspense running through your veins on whether or not I took the room with the jacuzz...I didn't, but next time I will.
Of course I get to my room and about 10 mins later, give or take, the power in the whole room goes off. I laughed during this mini blackout because the lovely lady I was with reminded me of the movie Vacancy. And for a split second I thought, "Crap!" What if this is like that? I didn't appreciate the vibe which I received from Bin Laden Jr., so I pictured that him just throwing gasoline on me and lighting me on fire and as I'm yelling in pain and agony and rolling on the floor this so called person is just sipping on his cheap whiskey. Than I snapped back into reality and realized this isn't a movie. So he than puts the power back on in our room, and no more that 5 mins later the power goes off once again. Ok now in my head I'm thinking shit we're going to die. But all I did is walk down told the him power went off once again and he asks me if I have the heater on high. I paid money for this room so I have the right to put it as high as I want. After putting power on my room again, my cable is out. Either God didn't want me in that room or this man gave me an awful room. Of course this man tries to fiz the cable and the whole time I'm thinking, "This f*ck has no idea what he's doing", and he didn't. This man kept pushing the same button over and over like a 2yr old infant that has a shiny Bright Red Button in front of him. After 15 minutes of unsuccefully trying to restore the cable serive he finally decides to switch my room.
Of course there had to be something wrong with this room and there was. The TV was about 1 mile up in the air. As if the TV being so small wasnt bad enough it was sky high up there. And you're probably asking why do you care about a TV if you're in a hotel room with someone you can just be enjoying the night with? The answer is I paid for the room and as a paying customer deserve full satisfaction.

P.S. It was a great Night
Still no present...
...And still waiting.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I still havent received not one present for my Birthday.
My girlfriend said she gave me something but that wasnt really a present.
It was great but not a present.
Football stats of Nov 5th

5 Receptions with 2 TDs
2 Kick Returns for a TD

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I just zone out at times and wonder. I wonder what is it that's hurting me inside-what is it that is just not making me happy. At times I feel happy but than at times I don't, but than again like a friend of mines said about being happy, "you either are or you aren't...there should be no question in your mind." So than what's my answer to that quote, am I or am I not? I don't want to answer that question right now. I feel what I am going through is just a phase-a phase that is only temporarily which should go away as time goes on. But we're back to that damn word, time, only time will tell.

What time is it? lol