Sunday, September 28, 2008

NY Mets - Shea Goodbye

I went to the last game at Shea Stadium today. A game that they just needed to win to let me see baseball in October was lost. I really thought my NY Mets were going to win today and get hot in the playoffs, but I guess I was wrong. Oliver Perez pitched a good game but the bullpen once again failed us and gave up runs. It wasn't a lot of runs but enough to beat the Mets. A year that the Mets were suppose to leave Shea with a bang, ended with disappointment and tears down your face. If you would've been there today you would've seen the look of sadness that every die hard Met fan had on their face, as Ryan Churh flied out to Center for the last out. At exactly 5:06 pm the Met's 2008 Season was over.
The only positive that came out of today was the ceremony on the closing of Shea Stadium with a touching farewell. The final Pitch thrown by none other than, the NY Met's Leader in Wins, Tom Seaver to Mike Piazza. And as they desended into center field the lights were shut off to never be turned on again. They locked up a home where many great players played. Where many people called a second home. Where magic was made. Where the '69 Mets became the Miracle Mets. Where The '86 Mets made it clear they were going to be the best bad ass team in baseball. Where Mike Piazza, on Sept 21, 2001, Hit a HR to give us something to smile about after 9/11. Shea Staium will forever hold a place in my Heart and will never be forgotten.
I still do not agree with moving out of Shea Stadium. I know that it's time for change, that Shea Stadium is old and has it's great memories so it's time to move on, but not going to Shea anymore and moving to the new Citi Field is going to be so ackward. I'm going to miss Shea Stadium very much. That to me was a place that I am never down no matter what is going on in life. It's time to see if Citi Field can do the same Shea Stadium did for me.

Shea Stadium
1964- 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fading Love

True Love , what is True love?
I once heard that True Love is your soul's recognition of it's counterpoint in another. The phrase "I Love You" is not said to everyone. It's said to that one perfect person. That person that truley cares for you and wants nothing but the best for you. You know you're in love with someone when they are the first thing you think about when waking up and the last thought in your mind as you fall asleep. When you have those bad days and the only thing keeping you up is waiting to see that one person that picks you up when your down. That one person that does everything in their will and power to make you happy. That one person that with just a smile can drive you crazy and make you forget all your problems.

But what happens when love fades away? When love just gets up and leaves. What do you do when the only thing letting you smile are the memories? You sit and reminisce of the great times, but that's all you can do just sit and reminisce of what was and what could've been. You just have to let time takes its course. It hurts but that's what your family and friends are for, to help you through this difficult phase in your life. Is it going to be easy? No, but there's a time where you just let go, where the tears are not able to come out anymore. Where the thought of her stops crossing your mind.
Now you walk with a smile because you're walking again, something that you thought you weren't going to be able to do.

Song of the Day:
Leona Lewis - Better In Time

Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Blog?

Why do I Blog?

Hmmm that's a good question. I guess I consider this the place where I pour what people call "feelings" the way I choose let my emotions out. I rather write/type what I feel than actually say them. The things I talk about may not be agreed with by others but it's the way thoughts are running through my head.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ne-Yo: Year of the Gentleman

Ne-Yo's latest album "Year of the Gentleman" is, in my opinion, his best work ever.
We already know that this man loves women, as we can tell from his latest albums, but in this album he shows just what a Gentleman he can be (aww que lindo). Yeah yeah it's sweet but whatever. I'm not going to lie but this album is really good. Every track on this album is effing amazing, with the exception of Track #12 but that's just my opinion. I suggest that everyone go out and get the album because it's that damn good.
And yes to my people I know this is the last album I should be listening to with my own personal situation, but Ne-Yo is my boy and I'll manage no need to worry.

Fav Tracks:
#3 Single
#4 Mad
#9 Part of the List

P.S. This album reminds me of myself. =D
The funny thing is that I'm not lying. I'll try and explain it later or.

Moving On...
...Back to the Basics

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So the Met's lose again, adding more to my disappointing month.
I'm going to the game tomorrow and they better win.

So I'm assmuing time is still needed.
But She texts/calls me two nights straight and the reason being becaue she "misses" me. If you include tonight just because I didn't text her, make it three. She gives me a hug, not a regular hug, but one of those hugs that you give someone after not seeing them for a long period of time. A tight passionate hug that you just don't want to let go.

I ask, what would happen if I gave her a kiss?
She replies, "Nothing."

The only thing I want to do is grab her and just tell her how I effing really feel, but I can't. I want to grab her and just give her that one kiss, but I can't. I can't say or do what I really want to. So I just sit there like an idiot and let time pass little by little. The wound bleeds more and more everytime I hang out with her but yet I still do it.

Why do I do this? Am I an idiot? Do I enjoy myself suffering in the inside? Is there really something positive that can come out of this?
Or are we just trying to make our future "friend relationship" work out?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


You often feel empty. That "something" that you lack is most likey happiness. Happiness can never be achieved through selfishness, ignorance, or greed. Try to surround yourself with love and compassion. If you do that, you will start feeling more and more satisfied with life.

Lucas & Peyton?

So we're the we are the Lucas and Peyton huh?

According to my sources thats 4 years of pretending to be happy. Ummm I don't think people would like to pretend they're happy for 4 years and than bam yea let's start where we left off. How about Nathan and Haley, that sounds a little better if you ask me, but that's just me.

It's hard to be just friends at times. Crushes come and go but what happens when it's more than a crush when it's love.When it comes it's the greatest thing you can have. While it's around cherish it take advantage of it, because not everybody is that lucky.
But what happens when this "love" is gone? Do you just leave and never come back again? Or do you fight and try to get back what you say belongs to you?
You can try but just remember, "never fear the unexpected", don't be scared to get your hands dirty and come out of your mission without what you were looking for. If that's the case you were either wasting your time or just looking in the wrong place. But the time might come where you just have to let go, not because it's what you want but because it's just what it is.

Only time will tell what is best for someone. Never think about the future, for the future is never guaranteed. So just take advantage of the oppurtunity that presents itself and learn from it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Count Down

So yea as most of you may already know, and should know, my birthday is on October 16th. Yea thank you thank you. Ok so that means 26 days from today its my birthday. Ok so I've have thought of a game plan from now until that day, there are 4 weekends, including this weekend, from now until the 16th. So for those three weekends I'm going to be out hanging out, maybe drinking a little quien sabe, but yea. So if you guys are down to just enjoy the weekends until my birthday you are more than welcomed. Even though I'm going through a tough moment right now I'm going to try my best to enjoy it.

Tonight I will be in the in little Italy enjoying the Saint Gennaro's Festival with a couple of my homies. You guys are more than welcome to stop by and hang out.

P.S.: Thank you Chughtai =)

Friday, September 19, 2008

1st Blog

Well this is my very first time blogging in like forever. If I'm not mistaken last time I did something like this was when "xanga" was still in, yea so it's been a while. But yea I'm going to give this blogging thing a chance see how it works out and build from there. So for all those that are going to be reading these blogs I hope they keep you entertained and thank you for the support. But if anyone really has a clue on how I should work this out let me know. Should I make it an everday online diary?? Or just asked random questions and see everyones opinion on a certain topic?? Or hell I can do both and see how that works, but yeah your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

- Santiago X. Conde