Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Count Down

So yea as most of you may already know, and should know, my birthday is on October 16th. Yea thank you thank you. Ok so that means 26 days from today its my birthday. Ok so I've have thought of a game plan from now until that day, there are 4 weekends, including this weekend, from now until the 16th. So for those three weekends I'm going to be out hanging out, maybe drinking a little quien sabe, but yea. So if you guys are down to just enjoy the weekends until my birthday you are more than welcomed. Even though I'm going through a tough moment right now I'm going to try my best to enjoy it.

Tonight I will be in the in little Italy enjoying the Saint Gennaro's Festival with a couple of my homies. You guys are more than welcome to stop by and hang out.

P.S.: Thank you Chughtai =)

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