Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ne-Yo: Year of the Gentleman

Ne-Yo's latest album "Year of the Gentleman" is, in my opinion, his best work ever.
We already know that this man loves women, as we can tell from his latest albums, but in this album he shows just what a Gentleman he can be (aww que lindo). Yeah yeah it's sweet but whatever. I'm not going to lie but this album is really good. Every track on this album is effing amazing, with the exception of Track #12 but that's just my opinion. I suggest that everyone go out and get the album because it's that damn good.
And yes to my people I know this is the last album I should be listening to with my own personal situation, but Ne-Yo is my boy and I'll manage no need to worry.

Fav Tracks:
#3 Single
#4 Mad
#9 Part of the List

P.S. This album reminds me of myself. =D
The funny thing is that I'm not lying. I'll try and explain it later or.

Moving On...
...Back to the Basics

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Parts of this album is very depressing!!!

and I feel you on #12 lol
so the CD stops at 11 for me for now.