Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saw V

For those that think that Saw is supposed to be a very scary movie it really isn't. I look them as movies that are supposed to make you want to vomit and just witness gruesome deaths more of a thriller and suspence. Well I saw the movie with my novia and a bunch of my friends and I liked it. I know it wasn't that good of a movie but it kept me up. But who knows maybe it wasn't the movie maybe it was the gorgeous woman to my right that kept squeezing my arm or hand through out the movie haha.
In my opinion I enjoyed it, not better than the first 3, but still a good movie in my eyes. I have to say my favorite part in the movie was where Agent Pater Stahm was caught the first time and his head inside a plastic glassed boxed in which water was coming in to kill him, and this animal takes a pen and stabs it into his throat as his only method of survival. He's a effing G for that corageous stunt. So yea I liked the movie and can't wait for Saw VI.

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