Friday, November 28, 2008


To be honest I have never been this nervous. If feels like it's the first time I'm asking a girl out on a date. My heart is beating faster and faster with every second to the point that it's scarying me. My hands are feeling cold as if I had dipped them in a bucket of iced cold water. The feel as if I'm about to give a speech with millions of people watching, but am not sure what to say. I feel chills through my bones as im awaiting the green light to begin my night. So I breathe, inhale and exhale, trying to get myself together. Time keeps ticking and my nerves keep on racing. I can't take it anymore for waiting for this one message is taking an eternity. Every minute that passes feels likes an hour has gone by. I small talk with others, at home and online, to try and make the time go by quicker but with little success.
I can't stand the wait any longer so I get up to leave, but before I do I make one quick prayer. One prayer of hopes that life and everything can go to the way is was 5 months ago. During this time everything was smooth sailing, and I had no complaints. Yes I know others did have complaints but I would've approached many situations differently and made the present better. I would pray for the old times so I can see just how bright days were. Time's ticking and I end it with a Thank you, because even though days are gloomy now I can see sunlight in the near future.
Time is ticking. Still no message. What to do? What to do? What to do?
I get ready, stand up and start my quest for what is rightfully mine.
Let's just hope this ending is as good as the one in movies.

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