Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well my little brother recieved a gecco looking animal from his teacher, yea I know how odd. Since when does a 4th Grade teacher give a pet away, to a 9yr old student, especially an small lizard. Seriously since when? Because if that was the case I would've done better in class and hoped to have gotten the little hamster that I always wanted. But regardless of the fact that it's an ackward gift given to a student, my little brother enjoys this little pet and it's only been one day. And I was just informed that he received this pet lizard from his science teacher for winning a raffle, I guess not it's supposed to make sence. We're still haven't given this pet a name. I would've name this little gecco looking creature...ok so I don't have a name at the moment but I'm bound to come up with something sooner or later.

Just found out that the name of this animal is an "Anole" and is often mistaken as an American Chameleon.

Peace Out Everybody!

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