Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I just zone out at times and wonder. I wonder what is it that's hurting me inside-what is it that is just not making me happy. At times I feel happy but than at times I don't, but than again like a friend of mines said about being happy, "you either are or you aren't...there should be no question in your mind." So than what's my answer to that quote, am I or am I not? I don't want to answer that question right now. I feel what I am going through is just a phase-a phase that is only temporarily which should go away as time goes on. But we're back to that damn word, time, only time will tell.

What time is it? lol

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Harley said...

lol! time to get a watch (yes i'm corny so what?!) soooo, this friend of yours with the really smart quote...sounds hot, sounds like a person whose intelligence is matched only by their devasting beauty...you should introduce us! ;.)