Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy Question

It's crazy how just a couple of weeks ago I was being asked for a day for "us", but now I find myself just trying to make it past days not thinking about us. Yeah, I know it's early to be writing this, but these are some of the things that you just know are coming. Sadly we make stupid decisions at time that we end up regretting, but it's part of life. You learn from your mistakes, but if you keep making the same mistake over and over, what do you learn? Apparently nothing, if it continues. So is this really worth it? Round 3 just went from it's peak to it's downfall in a matter of seconds. Something that looked so promising this time around just shattered right in front of you. Once again, is this worth it?

1 comment:

I hate the holidays said...

are you fucking kidding me?

this is a joke right