Saturday, January 10, 2009


I don't know what it was but this feeling finally hit me. It was just talk before, about me starting this project and how it would be a great idea. I have a friend that found it humorous but at the same time appealing to start this project. So I have officially decided so beginning my own novel. Yes ladies and gent's I have decided to start this project, but of course not alone. I have my fellow friend Ms. Omeir-Mejia helping me with editing. Whether you want to believe it or not I'm serious about attempting this. I'm not promising great success, but I am promising an attempt.

And if you so care to ask what the novel will be about. I don't know what I want to focus it on, but a part of me is leaning toward life-a young mans life. His maturing process to be the man he wants to become. Facing all the different challenges that come his ways, and trust me there will be many and the battles with others that have come his way. The adolecent/man's name will naming him James.

Thats a start.


Harley said...

and in the novel you will write about the ravashing beauty that is James' best friend's hot older puerto rican girlfriend, we can name her Rose Rivera and no one will know it's me, really! lol!

good luck on the novel...i have a book you should read to help you on your path it's call the artist's way. it helps you unlock your possibilities and really write from the soul.

still, if this Rose character becomes a cult phenomenon and by overwhelming demand of the public you are forced to write a 6 book serious based entirely on her wacky adventures, don't worry, i'll only say "i told you so" once or twice! :.)

Harley said...

omg i put serious instead of spic am i?! good lord!!!

SConde said...


Thank you. I'll look into that book and ass for the "Rose Rivera" character, I'll give it thought. I don't want that character to steal my thunder.

Its suppose to be that LOVEY DOVEY stuff said...

Woo Hooo!!

I want 500 pages by Saturday!

Meet those deadlines.