Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Have to Title

So I have one cousin trying new experiments on how to stay awake at work, which by the way I have to say is one creative technique he has come up with. Even though the biting your own tongue might sting it does you keep you up, whatever gets the job done. I have a couple of friends with dilemas on their relationship. No major one but what I would call a small bump in the road, as if I haven't had enough relationship talks in the past month or so. Another friend about to get deported, and no not by the gov't, but by his own parents for about a month. He just keeps implying that "karma is a bitch", which still has me a bit confuzzled seeing as how I don't know why karma would hit him. I have another friend going to New Jersey every weekend and not showing up for 2 days. Leaving Friday night and coming back Sunday afternoon, sounds like fun huh?

As for myself, well it's been a couple of weeks to remember. I came back to this hell hole called home after a "great escape." So cold, but less rain. A friend of mine attempted this "great escape" as well, in thier own way, but with no success. Surprise! I've been just sleeping my ass for half the day to wake up to-to anguish, boredom, disbelief, distress, heartache, memories, silence, yearning if thats anything to wake up to that's what I wake up to if not than... it's nothing. I have also become Dr. Phil, out of all the times to be Mr. -correction- Dr. Phil now is the time. I'm not complaining because I don't mind giving a couple of words of advice to the needy, but it makes me analyze myself and my actions. I visited a friend which lived in one of those fancy-shmancy apartments which they built right next door. Very nice place with a great view, could've been better if the building across the street wasnt intefering. Of course I let the person know that because of this building I have no view of living life through my kitchen window anymore. Now school, good old St. John's, well you know how they are they can blow mine!

Escape from what we call our life. June or July??


Harley said...

i've come to believe that the escapes you mention are not much more than delays...however i feel july is usually a more eventful month. p.s. don't mention bumps, sometimes people just trip themselves up when they find they are not acustumed to walking hand in hand with another person. oh yes, i'm in a metaphor-y mood.
also, don't call yourself dr. has "phil" in PHILadelphia...unacceptable!!!

Harley said...

unless we're talking creamcheese...that's some damn good cheese.