Saturday, January 24, 2009

The End

There are a million reasons why a relationship can crash and burn. Whether it's because you don't have the guts to make it work or you just get sick and tired of jumping through hoops. Eventually everyone fails. I've heard that a person with a determined heart frightens problems away and that miracles do happen if you're willing to look for them. But than again they also say when you do nothing at all things have a way of fixing themselves. So what approach do you take on this vicious circle that has been put upon you?

In relationships love does exist. I believe it does, well atleast that's what I tell myself. The bottom line is that every couple wait and go through the same crap as everybody else but the big difference is that the couple truly right for eachother don't let these "problems" take them down. You can't expect everything to be perfect because if you do than you would just end up disappointed. Both people are going to make mistakes but your pride will keep you from apologizing. But one of the two will stand up and fight for that relationship every time, if it's right. The other will notice in time what they let slip away. What people don't see is that the key to a lot of things is balance. The balance of power, balance in love or maybe just balance itself. For some of us it seems out of reach and too difficult to achieve but the important thing is to never stop trying.

I like to think that our life comes down to the choices we make along the way. Like the choice of standing up and saying what you believe in, the choice to focus on important things rather than stupid things. The choice on whether to fly our or not. I look at these choices as tiny little tests. Some can be looked as a test of character or a test of fortitude and others can be a test of friendship. In the end you just have to trust your decision and hope that you'll land on solid ground. But with this there are a lot of things that can take you by surprise. Sometimes it's realizing you aren't as happy as you thought and sometimes is when you take a chance and win for a change.

At the end letting go is never easy. There is no more difficult thing to do than letting go of someone you cared for or loved. Sometimes the small gap of hope that was left open for you to see happiness closes right before your eyes. So when that door is closed shut just remember that another door is waiting to be opened. Once you've made your decision don't look back and wonder what could've been, look forward and remember that eventually you're going to find someone else that will make you feel ten times better than the other ever did. Is it difficult? Of course it is, and it's going to take TIME (4 letter word I hate). It's part of life, you can't go through life without heartaches, it's just not possible.

"Whats even scarier is that deep down inside you know you picked this person. And if you run away from them now, you're running away from the person you always wanted to be."

[Turns Light Off...Closes Door]

Song dedicated to you:
Underwood - So Small
Your Gaurdian Angel


Harley said...


Harley said...

overall i think this post was amazing. you're quite brave to express yourself like this. i really LOVE reading your blogs. you have quite an interesting take on things and you're such a deep and sensitive soul. once're so brave. i admire you for this.
i think i haven't responded much because i haven't taken it all's a lot of stuff i don't want to hear right now...with me and you know who being so awkward lately i'm very afraid...hopefully i am as usual, being paranoid, but drastic changes in behavior aren't usually flukes. i just don't know what to do anymore...everything i say and do seems to annoy him now.
i say this so you'll understand what mindset i'm responding from...perhaps under different circumstances i would see things differently...

well number one; i don't like "Eventually everyone fails." harsh realities are fine but there's no need to be pesimistic. unless you mean that everyone indivudually will at some point fall short of your desires or expectations...that i can dig. that's hard to remember and it's a rude awakening to see the person you thought was perfect (cuz they're always perfect when we fall in love with them) show their humanity.
as for what approach to take... god i wish i knew!!! i never know if i'm fighting too much or not enough!!! that's where i'm at right now. it's horrible!!! when you love someone so bad you're too scared to make the wrong move, but can't just let it's fucking agonizing!!!
"I look at these choices as tiny little tests" jeez, i'd have a panic attack if i thought everything was a test!!i think all choices are are choices. a fork in the road of your life. a moment when the action stops for just a second so you can set a new course in motion. no right or wrong, just a path...what makes it right or wrong is weather or not it took you where you wanted to be...
and you're right, there is no life without heartache...and personally i don't mind so much, i draw my strentgh from pain, always have.

"Whats even scarier is that deep down inside you know you picked this person. And if you run away from them now, you're running away from the person you always wanted to be."

i'm a girl who has dumped every guy she's ever been with. if they so much as looked at me the wrong way i dropped them like a bad habit.i've never had that fear of running away. it was never an act of running, i stayed where i was and exiled the unworthy. it's only running if you're giving up. i don't ever give up on anything. but i will move on from an unfavorable situation.

"it's going to take TIME " and alcohol, you forgot alcohol.

"...the big difference is that the couple truly right for eachother don't let these "problems" take them down."
once again Senor Conde you are absolutely correct...but i wonder if sometimes it isn't that the two people arent right for each other but that they are not both in the place in their lives that they have to be at to be able to work. age aint nothin but a number but experiece and maturity matters. two people can be the same exact age and be in completely different points of their lives. they could be soul mates but still not ready to fully appreciate each other, that behavior is a learned one and has nothing to do with whether or not one loves someone but if they know how to do so. i don't know if that's a sad thing or a comforting one. that two peop[le can be perfect for each other but not ready yet...cuz it's scary to think that you could fuck it all up by rushing it but nice to know that you've met your soul mate.
it is my belief that there are many kinds of soul mates, not just romantic ones, friends too. (obviously more friend ones, cuz you can only have 1 love soulmate) and in each incarnation of your life (yeah i'm one of those) you meet them in different forms over and over again til you get it right. this way i think if me and my soulmate don't work out this time around at least i've met him...and i'll get his ass next time!! ...where was i going with this? oh yeah... the good couples don't let the bullshit fuck em up, right? indeed but it takes a lot of faith that your other half is working at it to, and without proper communication it can all seem quite hopeless (once again, this is where my head's at) communication doesn't come easy,. every single person has a different life experice being raised and will do and see things differently, getting on the same page is HARD!! i think even a perfect couple God could have hand crafted from scratch to be together will still go through a long battle with learning to communicate. and i'll bet you one person will always be more into it than the other.

well now what do you think?

oh and on a desperately paranoid sidenote, please tell me this is all just a random occurrance of remincent experience and not you gently trying to gear me up for impending heartbreak cuz you know something i don't! LOL (yeah i'm being crazy but i ovaries so that is to be expected!);.)

Favorite, You Rock! <3

Harley said...

hey...was that dedication there before? i didn't notice it.

Harley said...

omg...the second song made me cry.

Its suppose to be that LOVEY DOVEY stuff said...

aiiight scondito.
Lets go.
I see we have progress here.

Harley said... what side of the door are you on?

SConde said...

I don't know yet...

Gillateen said...

This post.."The End"... was jawdropping!!! For the past year I've been trying to get over heartbreak by way of the club, writing/performing music, writing poems, but it took time and the bravery to find someone else. You hit it right on the nose. "TIME" is the biggest challenge in between of having one's heart broken and finding another. After reading this, I know that I haven't been the only one that has experienced true heartbreak. Keep Writing!!!! Hit me up and drop a comment sometime. I'll do the same.

SConde said...

Deja Vu