Monday, January 11, 2010

NOLA 2010

Service at New Orleans had to be one of the greatest experiences ever. A couple of days before the day of the trip I was second guessing it and leaning toward not going at all. Thank God that I stuck with my decision on going. Besides the obvious of being in a new place and meeting new faces, within the group and locals of New Orleans, in a way I had a "life changing experience." I complaint, and many others complaint, about the smallest issues possible, but we don't notice just what type of issues other people have. Any sort of issue that I'm going through is nothing compared to locals in New Orleans, who are still living without a home. In a way you have to be there to feel this way. I say this, because before I left I knew New Orleans was still not what it was before Katrina hit. It's been...tbc...

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