Sunday, December 28, 2008

Please LoL

So I gave going out with the boys to go to Church. Yea I know how cute, but to than find out some very upsetting news. According to a friend of mine he says I opened my mouth by saying what I said, but only half of what I said was true the other half you should've known its bs. So I found out that a certain someone got very upset so I'm sorry. But damn than I find out that this woman is now saying that I'm not worth her tears and that she's finally letting loose. Ha Ha Ha

I don't know of any nicer way to put it but she's lucky she had someone like me. And no guys, it's not my pride kicking in. For your imformation you're the one that fucked up BIG TIME. I don't want to say how many times. And no I'm not trying to rub it in or make anyone feel bad but people just at times say shit as if their pussy is made out of gold, when it isnt. I was an idiot for letting this shit happen to me so Shame on Me. But hey we make mistakes we learn from them, of and trust me I learned a lot. Gracias!


You wait a couple of months than you're going to see,
You'll never find nobody better than me!

Ha! Ha!

1 comment:

Harley said...

um yeah, mine is made out of platinum...diamond encrusted...prada pussy, tiffany toto, cartier cunt, versace vagina...
when i think of more i'll get back to you. LOL!!!

good riddance anyway.