Thursday, December 18, 2008


I never really had a friend cry on my shoulder the way she did that day. I try and help by telling her not to stress so much because everything will be okay. As I wipe the tears I tell her the guy will stop his sneaky ways, he'll show you he cares because you have put up with so much that other women wouldn't. As she cries she tries to explain how everything has changed and the mistakes this guy has made. How at times they are out of stupidity but still unforgiveable. Hearing all this I'm just left without words. Thinking and trying to say something positive but I can't. But as the conversation continues it's not really that what bothers her but the fact that she has to see this man, whom she loves, go out of his way to support his son. The everyday conversations with his ex-girlfriend about the kid kills her inside but she can't say anything. She knew what she was getting herself into a year ago, but she didn't think the pain would keep coming and going. She says shes going to end it because she's tired of going through this pain-the pain of him being sneeaky, of him always having to see the other woman. She knows she can't say anything because that's what he's supposed to do, but it bothers her too much to keep up with it. In her eyes the only solution is to walk away. But does she have to? Only she can fully answer that question. Whatever we say is just advice and she can do whatever she wants with that. Would you be able to handle a relationship where your significant other had to run to his "baby-moms" and son almost every other day? Would it bother you?

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